Saint Gabriel, patron saint of transmitters

Transmission and control of information is a vital part of any armed conflict. This involves both transmitting command orders without the knowledge of the enemy, and controlling information.

Visual or audible signals, messages on foot or on horseback, carrier pigeons, then wireless telegraphy, radio etc. are all means used by fighting units. But it was not until 1942 that the Transmissions Division was created to provide links between the various branches and services of the Army.

A VAB VENUS (travelling command vehicle communicating by satellite)

Saint Gabriel

Gabriel, the messenger Archangel of the three monotheistic religions, was of course selected as the patron saint of the "Division which unifies the Divisions". Vehicles are equipped to meet the needs of transmitters such as VAB RITA (integrated network for automatic transmission), or VAB VENUS (travelling command vehicle communicating by satellite) equipped with SATCOM OTM technology to allow communication on the move during operations thanks to the Syracuse III satellite.

Saint Gabriel et les autres saints patrons


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Livre : Pierre Pascallon, les transmissions militaires, l’Harmattan , 2000.

Vidéo :  " Par Saint-Gabriel, vive les transmissions "

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