Our Protected Land Defence Systems

Our mobility systems, based on state-of-the-art technology and designed to meet the most stringent requirements of military operations, cater to our customers’ highly specific needs, including powertrain components, complete drivelines, the integration of mission systems (mobility, communication, protection, observation, Battle Management Systems, etc.) and onboard equipment, including remote weapon systems.

Drivelines and Mobility Solutions

From Components to Complete Drivelines

Arquus offers a comprehensive range of drivelines for 5 to 32-tonne tactical vehicles, in 4x4, 6x6 and 8x8 configurations. Depending on our customers’ specifications, our drivelines can include:

  •  powertrain,
  •  cooling system,
  •  transmission,
  •  axles,
  •  braking system,
  •  steering,
  •  suspension.

Driveline Optimisation

Optimising the mass and volume of these mechanical components is essential to the integration of systems that are sometimes complicated to install. With more than one hundred years of experience behind us, we have developed exceptional expertise in the field.

For vehicles with stringent architectural requirements (vehicles with inhabited turrets, for example), our specialised driveline design department can adapt the driveline architecture to the allocated volumes, developing customised solutions along the way if necessary.

The Sherpa Light Chassis: a reference

All our drivelines can be integrated into loadbearing structures to create chassis cowls that our customers can adapt to suit their needs. The Sherpa Light’s combat-proven, high-capacity chassis is in demand from manufacturers throughout the world, to provide a base for their tactical vehicles.

Experts in Engine Militarisation and Suspension Systems

Our know-how in engine militarisation makes it easy to adapt vehicles to suit specific purposes, regardless of the engine make. Our expertise in suspension systems guarantees the best choice of tyres, suspension and brakes, in order to ensure optimum road holding on all surfaces.

Arquus, Systems Integrator

A Complete System Manufacturer

Systems integration is one of our strong points. For more than 10 years, Arquus has held its own as a systems integrator capable of developing, qualifying and marketing complete mission systems including mobility, communication, fire, observation, threat detection and tactical situation components such as:

  •  Battle Management Systems,
  •  Armed forces command information systems ,
  •  Sniper acoustic localisation systems,
  •  Health and Usage Monitoring Systems (HUMS),
  •  C4ISR equipment, etc.

A global approach that requires perfect control of work station ergonomics to prevent the number of screens and interfaces getting out of hand.

“Our aim is to provide our customers with complete equipment and fully-integrated systems solutions, combined with high added-value services.”

A Dedicated Team

To do so, we have an ad hoc team of fifty experts with highly-specialised profiles: radio experts, software developers, small and medium-calibre weapons experts, functional and network architects. Developing our own systems offers invaluable advantages:

  •  control of costs and technologies,
  •  quick turnaround,
  •  maintenance capacities and guaranteed scalability.

Vetronics, at the Heart of the System

BattleNet, the Nerve Centre of Arquus Vehicles

At the heart of vehicle integration, vetronics allows the centralization of different information to avoid the multiplicity of screens and controls. This strategic application organizes the various workstations within the vehicle in a coherent manner and ensures communication between systems, to create enhanced functionalities for mission efficiency.

Arquus’ original vetronics offering, Battlenet, is an innovative electronic architecture based on open, standardised and proven cost-reducing solutions. Using a high-speed Ethernet network, Battlenet enables vehicle networking via several integration packs.

For the crew, in addition to its simple-to-use ergonomic man-machine interface, there are three operational advantages:

  •  networking of all on-board equipment and systems,
  •  interconnection of digital battlefield platforms to enable sharing of tactical situations and manage collaborative deployments,
  •  modularity and scalability through plug-and-play connection of all weapon, communication and protection systems.

An RWS industry

Complex Systems, Expert Know-How

After its initial involvement in the Scorpion project, Arquus develops a range of remote weapon systems (RWS). These complex systems require expert know-how in numerous technical fields: high-precision mechanics, safety electronics, optronics and image processing, dynamic servo-control, etc. Top-level operating safety and optimum connectivity are also needed so that tactical situations can be directly shared on-screen.

Arquus’ new activity sector has stimulated the development of a French RWS industry that has created jobs through outsourcing to a number of French medium-sized businesses. The Scorpion remote weapon systems will thus be entirely made in France.