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In Europe, as on other continents, Arquus develops its export activities through bilateral relations with individual countries. Driven by an ambition for long-term industrial partnerships, these relationships benefit from Arquus' parallel strategy with European institutions. 


This strategy is part of the European defense framework, and consists in our resolute commitment to the dynamics of European funds, through the financing of R&D activities carried out in cooperation by defense players established in member states (manufacturers, research institutes, universities, SMEs, start-ups, etc.):


  • The European Defense Agency (EDA) launches projects involving highly innovative technologies; member states can finance the participation of their champions.
  • The European Defense Fund (EDF) awards grants via annual thematic calls for projects, to which consortia from the EDTIB respond.

FAMOUS project

Famous project: a Europe-wide study of future land-based platforms

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MARSEUS project

Marseus project: the study aimed at consolidating a European operational concept around the TAVD capability of missiles for contact combat and collaborative combat consolidated through an Effects Management vision. 

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