Arquus, a partner our customers can trust

A solid relationship between manufacturer and Army. That is how we, as committed partners, have always viewed relations with our customers so we can fully meet their needs and expectations. This tradition of ongoing dialogue has led to the extensive development of co-design.

A committed partner

We place customers relations and dialogue at the heart of our strategy and constantly strengthen cooperation with our customers, first and foremost with the French army but also with the French Defense Procurement Agency, whom we have been working with for more than a century.

This close proximity requires ongoing dialogue and is based on the following strengths:

  •  our worldwide presence,
  •  our well-adapted product portfolio,
  •  our close commercial partnership with our customers.

More than 40,000 spare parts are available on-line, together with in-service vehicle support and training programmes (in view of support).

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Focus on co-design

In an increasingly complex and shifting environment it is essential to have the data collection systems, analytics tools and instruments needed to anticipate the most appropriate solutions. For data collection to be complete, precise, analysed and shared, it must be based on several factors:

  •  economic, strategic and technological monitoring capable of analysing new products and strategies used by the armed forces, missions, etc.
  •  feedback with the help of organisations such as the Command Instruction and Doctrine Centre (CDEC),
  •  cooperation with the DGA Defense Procurement Agency and army headquarters via battlefield studies and upstream study programmes such as Electer and Prophète,
  •  continuing education in defense-related issues for all our group’s executives whatever their rank.

“The two key words in customer relations are flexibility and responsiveness.”