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Arquus at a glance

Faced with growing geostrategic complexity and to better meet customers’ needs, Renault Trucks Defense, Acmat and Panhard have chosen to combine their expertise and join forces under a single brand: Arquus.

Face à une complexité géostratégique croissante et pour toujours mieux répondre à leurs clients, Renault Trucks Defense, Acmat et Panhard ont choisi de conjuguer leurs expertises et d’unir leurs forces sous une seule marque : Arquus.

Arquus : Business Area Defense of Volvo Group

As Business Area Defense of the Volvo Group, Arquus has access to civilian technologies developed by the group. This therefore gives Arquus access to electromobility, automation and autonomous driving, key elements of Volvo’s innovation, for military applications.

One of the world’s leading manufacturers of trucks.Volvo Group includes brands as prestigious as Volvo Trucks, Renault Trucks or Mack. The Volvo Group employs about 100 000 people worldwide, has production facilities on every continent and a presence in more than 190 markets.

A new name, but the same mission

One hundred years of experience

The historical partner of armies for more than a century, Arquus designs tailored solutions to meet its customers’ most specific needs. Our vehicles have been in the thick of every world conflict from the First World War to current peacekeeping operations. The names of Renault, Berliet, Latil, Panhard, Somua, Acmat, Auverland and Arquus have been intimately associated with the history of the French army.

Our major historical figures and engineers have devoted their lives to defending the Nation. They have written some of the greatest pages of French military history, through their unfailing commitment to the armed forces. They have designed legendary vehicles, decisive in the battlefield - vehicles that have in some cases have revolutionised the art of warfare, embraced the identity of the armed forces and are helping to reshape the face of the French army through the Scorpion project.

Looking resolutely forward

Arquus management team

Arquus management team

Christian Cusset (Finance, Strategy, Process & IT) ;
Bertrand Boyard (Finance, Strategy, Process & IT) ;
Pascal Vandenbussche (Service & customer support) ;
Marita Louchard (Executive assistant) ;
Emmanuel Levacher (President) ;
Chantal Dognin (HR, Communication & Security) ;
Jean-François Martin (Sales) ;
Frédéric Gratien (Operations) ;
Patrick Burlot (Legal & Compliance)

With more than a century of industrial experience behind it, Arquus today is recognised for the excellence and quality of our products proven on every theatre of operations. The strength of our partnerships and our ongoing, determined commitment to our customers and suppliers means that we can guarantee tactical excellence in the field and constant operational availability.

People as a priority

Arquus places the human factor at the heart of its history and strategy. Our development is based on the alliance between the craftsmen who make the vehicles and the soldiers who take them into the thick of the battlefield. Whatever their profession or trade, our employees have always shared a mission which goes beyond their own interests, providing protection and reliability to men and women who, in turn, protect the Nation and give meaning to what they do.

Strong values of commitment

Agility, customisation and responsiveness are the three values that unite Arquus and its 1500 employees. We have much in common: a passion for Defense, a profound sense of purpose, pride in serving the Nation, commitment to our profession and a high level of expertise.

Together, it is these men and women who give Arquus its unique, original identity: a meeting between the power of the manufacturer and the precision of the artisan, between the science of the engineer and the needs of the soldier.

Arquus: key figures

  • 1,500 employees in France
  • More than 25,000 vehicles supplied in France.
  • 90% of the French army’s wheeled vehicles supplied by Arquus
  • 4 production sites in France
  • Products marketed in 190 countries.
  • 40,000 spare parts available on-line
  • More than 500 customers trained each year