Data protection information

Data protection information

General Data Protection Regulation


Arquus attributes special importance to data protection, including the protection of personal data.

For Arquus, the implementation of the GDPR - General Data Protection Regulation - is but one further step in a process that has been going on since the early eighties.

Throughout the years, Arquus has fulfilled all its regulatory obligations and in particular those relating to successive amendments to act n°78-17 of 1978 on information technology and freedoms.

Since 2009, though it was optional, Arquus has had a Personal Data Protection Officer, responsible for ensuring compliance with the regulations in this area.

This was also part of the group policy for Volvo, for whom personal data protection is considered essential.

In its ongoing quest to protect personal data, Arquus has demanded the same commitment from its service providers and subcontractors for many years and ensures the full implementation of its rules in this respect.

The arrival of the GDPR has only served to reinforce a data security policy that to which Arquus has been devoting its attention for a long time. Arquus' approach is now complemented by the following measures:

  •  The implementation of a new governance structure led by a Data Protection Officer.
  • The assembly of a repository of documentation containing directives as to the different categories of personal data as well as procedures ever more adapted to the business.
  • Finally, since data protection and digital security go hand in hand, an internal digital security verification system has been set up to ensure optimal levels of security.

Arquus ensures the security of the personal data of everyone involved (partners, customers and employees).

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