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Industrial cooperation

From the outset, Arquus set itself the goal of becoming a major, long-term player in the design, production and maintenance of tactical armoured systems and vehicles Arquus adapts and reinvents itself, capitalising on:

  • Industrial know-how based on over 130 years’ experience working with the armed forces
  • An ambitious innovation policy for operational superiority
  • And a truly partnership-based approach, offering its customers expertise and long-term support

Industrial cooperation supporting the armed forces

industrial cooperation arquus limoges

Arquus Limoges

Drawing on its agile industrial model and know-how in the fields of design and integration, Arquus offers tailor-made solutions that address all of its customers’ operational needs. Arquus covers the entire tactical wheeled armoured vehicle segment, and all its platforms are capable of integrating mission equipment and systems developed in-house or by its partners. Arquus builds a relationship of trust with each of its customers and partners, channelling shared expertise into the design of best-in-class products.

Arquus' experience

VAB MK3 Arquus

From tactical trucks to vehicles for special forces, Arquus designs a wide range of light and medium-weight armoured vehicles that meet the needs of the armed forces and help safeguard homeland security. Arquus’ technological centre of excellence oversees the design, prototyping and approval of vehicles through to qualification phase. The A-to-Z process painstakingly designs and adapts the level of protection, mobility and mission systems to guarantee the highest level of vehicle performance tailored to the customer’s operational needs.

A long-standing partner of the French Army

Considered as a global benchmark in landbased mobility, Arquus manufactures iconic products such as the Sherpa (4x4), the VAB (6x6) or the VLRA (4x4). As a key player in the EBMR consortium, Arquus developed the mobility systems for the Griffon and Jaguar military vehicles for the French DGA. Renowned for its know-how in the field of tactical mobility, Arquus develops and supplies the 6x6 and 8x8 mobility platforms for recognised vehicles used by the French Army. These vehicles bear witness to Arquus’ recognised excellence in the field of landbased mobility.

Integrator of cutting-edge technologies

One of Arquus’ great strengths lies in its ability to offer comprehensive and integrated solutions. Arquus innovates and offers its own systems derived from first-rate technologies that have been adapted and consolidated to meet the stringent requirements of military operations, keeping a constant eye on the customer’s constraints: systems, mass, mobility and budget.

Arquus’ added value lies in its knowledge and mastery of current, market-ready technology, from powertrain components to complete drivelines, including the integration of mission systems (mobility, communication, protection, observation, Battle Management Systems, and more) and onboard equipment, including remote-controlled weapon systems. As a genuine integrator, Arquus adapts its architectures to keep its energy footprint to a minimum without altering the operational performance of its vehicles, for example by developing hybrid engines.


In order to develop products and services that meet customers’ needs, Arquus provides its partners with the full benefit of its industrial and technological know-how. Capitalising on industrial agility developed hand in hand with its customers, Arquus teams adapt to different ways of working to ensure the very best in terms of industrial cooperation, whatever the configuration:

  • partners,
  • subcontractors
  • co-contractors.

Value creation for local industry

Fleet modernisation

Arquus goes a step further by developing modernisation services with its local partners. The goal of these services is to improve vehicle performance in the field, in terms of mobility, protection or integration of new systems without altering the fundamental vehicle build-up. To meet its customers’ expectations, Arquus puts together a targeted audit to select its partners and size the industrial project, assigning teams specifically to the project.

Modernisation of a VAB fleet in the Middle East

When it comes to rolling out their renovation line, our partners can rely on Arquus’ industrial experience. This VAB is a perfect example of a successful renovation of a customer fleet. This project was rolled out in several stages:

  • Selection of a partner
  • Pre-project audit conducted on the customer’s premises
  • Preparation and submission of the bid
  • Contract signature
  • Vehicle repairs (if required) and renovation
  • Training and upskilling of partner personnel on the first vehicles
  • Setting up of a renovation line on the customer’s premises: assistance for line set-up (zones, processes, resources, storage, etc.)
  • On-site support for the customer: an Arquus industrial project leader seconded to the customer’s premises

These upgraded VABs now perform better (powertrain, braking system, steering components). They also benefit from support solutions such as obsolescence management, restocking of spare parts and maintenance training.

Co-design of vehicles

Across the globe and for several years already, Arquus has been building up bilateral relations with its partners with the aim of manufacturing complete vehicles. Those partnerships pave the way for local industrialisation of the design of military vehicles and systems (RCWS) that address the current needs of the armed forces.

Arquus and its Indonesian partner have been working together successfully for 15 years now. As part of this cooperation strategy, Arquus has supplied major mobility parts and components, such as powerpacks for 6x6 APC and 6x6 IFV vehicles, along with rolling chassis for local manufacture of a 4x4 armoured vehicle. Those vehicles are currently serving in the Indonesian Army. As well as delivering the parts concerned, Arquus provides its engineering expertise, meaning that any performance issues, involving either mobility, protection or systems, can be addressed quickly.