Leading company in land Defense, Arquus is a major actor for the French industry, from vehicle design to support. Thanks to its positioning and offers, it often is at the heart of industrial and technological news.

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First issue of VT4 vehicles to French forces

On October 11, Arquus delivered its first two light tactical vehicles as part of the Scorpion replacement program during an emblematic ceremony as the VT4s are the first of the 3,700 vehicles commissioned for the Army to be delivered.

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partenariat /

Study grants for orphans of military personnel

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Arquus is extending its international network of partners

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Mécénat /

Arquus, patron of the Louis Philippe exhibition at the Palace of Versailles

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Tier 2 of the VT4 program confirmed for Arquus

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Arquus, official partner of the French Summer Defense Conference

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Show /

Discover Arquus innovation at MEDEF’s summer school

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