Grizzly parades for the first time on July 14th

For the July 14th military parade, the 1er Régiment de Hussards Parachutistes is presenting 3 of its new GRIZZLY tactical vehicles.

As part of the Army's transformation and the balanced differentiation of its major units, the 11th Parachute Brigade will be equipped with a new fleet of vehicles by 2030. The GRIZZLY recently joined the equipment of the 1er Régiment de Hussards Parachutistes, where it will perform reconnaissance and airborne vanguard missions alongside the Véhicules Blindés Légers (VBL) already produced by Arquus.

Arquus is very proud to contribute to equipping and supporting a prestigious regiment, whose operational know-how makes it the ideal choice for the most challenging missions. In the service of the forces, Arquus recognizes the trust placed in it, and assures the user units of the full commitment of its teams.

A vehicle built for cross-country driving

3 GRIZZLY vehicles on parade with the 1er RHP on July 14th. In all, some twenty vehicles are expected to be deployed within the regiment over the coming years, reinforcing the differentiation of the Army's major units.

The GRIZZLY is an ideal mount for parachute units. A vehicle built for reconnaissance and intervention, it is capable of searching for intelligence and delivering effects in depth with complete autonomy, thanks to its long range, carrying capacity and enhanced firepower.

Built for cross-country driving, the GRIZZLY is a permanent 4x4, with high ground clearance and angles of attack specially designed for the most rugged terrain and cut-throughs. Equipped with a 265 hp engine, coupled with an automatic transmission that enables a top speed of 110 km/h, it is a highly mobile, modular vehicle, with a large carrying capacity for a GVW of 11 tons. Nevertheless compact, the GRIZZLY is a vehicle built for stealth, infiltration and deep reconnaissance missions, as well as for air transport (C-130 Hercules and A400M Atlas).

Thanks to its modularity, it can carry a wide range of equipment. In its standard configuration, the GRI is equipped with a circular carrier for heavy weapons (M2HB 12.7mm or LGA 40mm), plus three 7.62mm machine-gun mounts covering all angles. These automatic weapons give the GRIZZLY considerable firepower, ideal for assault missions or reconnaissance in force.

The 1st RHP's GRIZZLY will be on display at the Place de la Nation after the July 14th parade.