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Responsive and receptive, our technical experts guarantee complete assistance to your maintenance crew 24/7 in the case of immobilisation of your vehicle, particularly through our remote troubleshooting solutions, to ensure maximum operational availability.

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Behind every movement, destinies


From René Panhard and Marius Berliet to our 1,500 employees today, it is the Artisan who is at the heart of operations, combining know-how, expert precision and unfailing commitment to the armed forces. This precision and commitment are seen every day in the passion that fires our employees and their constant search for operational excellence.

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Because they are the ones who drive our vehicles on the most demanding theatres of operations, our onboard operators are at the heart of all our concerns. Our first obsession, and our primary goal, is to protect them as fully as possible.

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A century of History

From the FT 17 to the Griffon, the EBR to the VAB and the VLRA to the Bastion, our vehicles have travelled through the centuries and marked military history on every continent. Against a backdrop of technological progress and geostrategic upheavals, we have constantly innovated to meet the needs and expectations of our customers, in every field and on every front.

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A century of warfare

FT Tank of the Flanders Army

September 28th - October 2nd 1918

Always answering the call

For centuries, the battle horse - Armis Equus - wrote the history of mobility on the battlefield. Today, Arquus is building the future of mobility and defence systems.

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