Arquus makes quality a cornerstone of its activity

Arquus is certified according to two international standards: ISO 9001 (quality management system) and AQAP 2110 (NATO quality assurance requirements). These certifications are delivered by a third party, in this case Intertek, and are required by most of our customers, who consider them an essential prerequisite for any contractual relationship.

Organising quality, managing risks and continuous improvement

These two standards are based on three principles:

  • A process-based approach for organising our activities and measuring their efficiency,
  • Managing risks in order to identify them, prioritise them and deal with them,
  • A continuous improvement policy based on numerous micro-improvements on a daily basis supported by the involvement of everyone.

The implementation of these three principles concerns our whole company. They are applied in all departments and across all our activities: sale, project management, design, purchasing, production, support, human resources, finance, information systems, and so on.

All Arquus colleagues undertake to address the same goal: increasing customer satisfaction.

Quality management system

This commitment is supported by our quality management system (QMS), whose objective is to organise and improve the company's quality approach. This approach is based on the following:

  • Our quality policy and its declinaison into objectives,
  • The governance and procedures put in place,
  • The management of skills and knowledge,
  • The measurement of performance and customer satisfaction.

At Arquus, we want to adopt a global quality approach. The involvement of everyone and continuous improvement are its foundations. This approach meets a requirement for compliance and an obligation for efficiency