Our industry expertise to meet your needs

Arquus owes its unique personality to a combination of industrial infrastructure and singular talents: a symbiosis of industrial strength and expert precision. Our 1,500 employees are skilled men and women from different industrial cultures and horizons. It is this extraordinary mix that forms the backbone of our business.

A culture of difference

The wealth of expertise, know-how and interpersonal skills of our teams contributes largely to our identity. Every day, we draw on our many fields of expertise to create, design, develop, manufacture, supply, qualify, support, repair, provide and train. And also anticipate, drive, organise, anticipate, decide, partner and convince. With so many areas of specialisation, we have full control over every step of the production chain.

Our engineers

Our engineers design the Arquus vehicles of the future. Whether they are mechanical designers, mechanical engineers, embedded systems engineers, electrical engineers or army engineers, our 300-strong team are part of our R&D design department and work in the fields of RWS, remote-control and robotics, mobility, protection/survivability, ergonomics and weapons systems integration

Our trades

Our many mechanics, electricians, welders, painters and electrotechnicians all contribute to the manufacture of our armored vehicles. All share the same high standard of expertise and common goals:

  •  to make vehicles that correspond exactly to the needs and expectations of defence and security forces,
  •  to meet vehicle reliability requirements that guarantee efficiency and crew protection during operations,
  •  to guarantee military leaders maximum operational availability of their vehicle fleet during operations.

“Good relations between the army and the manufacturers is crucial for the efficiency and the protection of our soldiers during operations.”

General Jean-Pierre Bosser, Army Chief of Staff addressing officers and operators at Garchizy after a day of presentations focused on In-Service Vehicle Support and innovation.

Our Group’s employees rewarded

At the beginning of April 2017, Major General Bernard Barrera, on behalf of the Defense Ministry, presented 5 of our employees in Limoges with the National Defense Medal. This decoration is a first in the history of the army and our Group.

“Thanks to each worker’s contribution, soldiers in the field will be saved. The presentation of the National Defense Medal by Major General Barrera to Arquus employees in Limoges is an expression of gratitude on the part of France and the French army.”

General Charles Beaudouin, Head of the Technology Department.

Over to our experts

Every day, our 1,200 skilled men and women develop their professional know-how to satisfy our most demanding customers.

Christian, painter

“In the beginning, you think that camouflage painting’s going to be easy, but in fact, it’s all freehand! You have to keep reference points in your head so you can paint all the vehicles the same way. It requires memorisation and concentration.”

Bruno, welder

“Forging started on the site nine years ago with two welders. Today, there are nearly 80 of us. The company has grown and grown - and I don’t think it’s finished yet!

Frederic, welder

“You don’t become a welder overnight! It is a highly diversified trade which requires dexterity, a good knowledge of metals and, in particular, a passion for scrap metal!”

Pascal, mechanic

“At the end of my military career, I wanted a similar job. Becoming a mechanic at Arquus was a great opportunity for me! There is the same cohesion and team spirit I had before. Here, everyone uses first names.”

Didier Noyer, painter

“I always have a feeling of pride when I finish a vehicle. I compare it before and after and I have the immense satisfaction of a job well done. The paint job is very important for me because it’s the first thing a customer sees.”

Christophe, electrician

“As there is only a small number of electricians, I get to work on all the products. And I constantly have to develop my skills and adapt to new vehicles. It’s really motivating!”

Christopher, welder and mechanic

“I love seeing the vehicles in the media! The ones used by the RAID elite unit, for example, have been in all the media in recent years. Because I made some of the parts for these vehicles, it gives me a great feeling of accomplishment to see them in action during operations!”

Cédric, vehicle painter

“We have rules we have to respect with the army. For example, a certain paint thickness has to be respected for each part. So you have to be really meticulous, patient and careful if you are going to respect all the regulations and do a good job!”

Patrick, wiring designer

“I have been interested in electricity since I was a child. I got it from my grandfather. When I was 14 or 15, I had already started making little transistors. And then I started to repair TV sets and video players for my coworkers. Electricity always has to be a part of my life, whether I’m at work or not!”

Yoan, painter

“I really appreciated the LOUAB training that all the newbies get when they join the company. We were really able to understand our customers’ everyday needs after spending three days with the soldiers. It was great!”