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The Milestone: 2000th VAB Revived for Arquus Garchizy

In December 2023, Arquus Garchizy celebrated the regeneration of its 2000ᵉ VAB.

In January 2007, the first VAB arrived at the Fourchambault site (now located in Garchizy) for repair. The first 20 vehicles were part of the test phase to convince the SIMMT that the MCO contract would be located in the buildings of the 15 ᵉ Base de Soutien du Matériel (15 ͤ BSMAT). At that time, when MCO was the site's only activity, some thirty people worked within Renault Trucks Défense to satisfy the customer. The repair time for a VAB was around 8 months, now down to 12 weeks.

Regenerated VAB line at Arquus Garchizy site

Two main factors explain this productivity gain:

  • Although the line has never been automated, mechanics used to work in pairs, dismantling and reassembling the vehicle at the same time. Today, the mechanics work in line, i.e. the VAB moves from station to station as the repair work progresses. Each employee is specialized in a specific area.
  • Accompanied at the outset by personnel from the 15ᵉ BSMAT, the mechanics have gradually gained expertise in VAB repair. This invaluable assistance now enables them to be totally independent.

VAB repaired at the Arquus Garchizy site

At the time of writing, some forty employees work daily on VAB regeneration. Proud to be working on military vehicles that have been in service for over 40 years, our mechanics have always made quality their top priority!