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Following funding obtained successively from the European Defense Industrial Development Program and the European Defense Fund (EFD), several leading companies, including Arquus, have formed the FAMOUS (European Future Highly Mobile Augmented Armoured System) and FAMOUS2 consortia.

Their aim is to strengthen links between European partners and optimize synergies, standardization and interoperability in the field of land armored vehicles.

The European Union created the European Defense Fund in 2021 for the period 2021 to 2027 at a cost of 7 billion euros over 7 years. The EDF is the successor to the European Defense Industry Development Program (EDIDP), of which FAMOUS is a part. Its aim, by supporting R&D investment through grants, is to develop common technologies and equipment, in order to strengthen the EU's strategic autonomy and sovereignty.

FAMOUS: The Study on Future Land Armored Platforms

In 2021, European Union has allocated nearly 160 million euros to 26 separate projects to support the defense capabilities, innovation and competitiveness of the European defense industry.

The industrial program for the various projects is called the European Defense Industrial Development Program (EDIDP). In the EDIDP project category "Land Combat Capabilities", the European Future Highly Mobile Augmented Armoured System (FAMOUS) consortium has received €9 million in funding to develop the next generation of armoured platforms and modernize existing ones, including their ability to operate in extreme climates and geographical environments.

Companies participating in the FAMOUS program

Companies participating in the FAMOUS program

Patria, a Finnish company, is coordinating the FAMOUS project, acting as a link between the European Commission, the consortium and the participating member states.

The FAMOUS project aims to optimize synergies, standardization, common elements, innovative technologies and interoperability capabilities in all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), light armored vehicles (LAVs) and upgraded main battle tank capabilities. It involves the study of innovative technological building blocks applicable to these different architectures. Work began in January 2022 and ended in December 2023. The work was completed on schedule, and the results delivered to the European Commission on time.

Famous2: Development of technological components towards prototyping

FAMOUS2 is an extension of the first FAMOUS project, launched in 2020 as part of the European Defence Industrial Development Programme (EDIDP).This initiative builds on previous studies of vehicle and system concepts conducted during the pilot project.

As an active member of the FAMOUS Consortium, Arquus has seen its role strengthened for the FAMOUS2 project. This new collaboration brings together major players from the FAMOUS consortium, such as the project coordinator, the Finnish company Patria. 15 other leading companies from 10 different countries - France, Finland, Austria, Germany, Spain, Greece, Belgium, Norway, Latvia and Denmark - are also involved in this ambitious initiative.

FAMOUS2 is supported by 9 countries, including France. It is funded by the European Union, with a budget of around 95 million euros, the second largest in the 2021 work program. This commitment marks a significant step forward in European defense industrial cooperation, and is of considerable importance to Arquus. The company is involved in an ambitious land defense program, helping to shape the future of land security in Europe.

Pixabay Image

Pixabay Image

The aim of the FAMOUS2 project is to develop cutting-edge technological innovations for the next generation of armored vehicles, as well as to modernize existing platforms for all-terrain vehicles, light armored vehicles and battle tanks. Begun in 2023, the FAMOUS2 project will be completed by December 2026.

Its initial focus is on the development of the vehicle architecture, which is fed by the work initiated in FAMOUS, followed by the design, production and testing phases of the prototypes developed in this context.

The key contribution of Arquus to the FAMOUS2 program

Arquus, renowned for its expertise in light and medium armored vehicles, plays a central role in the FAMOUS2 project. Its contributions extend particularly to the design of vehicle architecture, improved mobility and efficient energy management, not forgetting the themes of protection, robotization and predictive maintenance.

Through this initiative, Arquus takes great pride in contributing to the improvement of Europe's defense capabilities. This includes a strong emphasis on innovation, and on strengthening cooperation between the main players in the European defense industry. In addition, the VBAE (Véhicule Blindé d'Aide à l'Engagement) project is being developed in line with FAMOUS' own thinking.

Arquus' contribution as a land mobility specialist

Arquus has established its reputation as an undisputed leader in the field of mobility, pushing the boundaries of engineering to shape the future of land defense and security.

Arquus excels in creating mobility platforms that combine power, agility and durability. From multipurpose tactical vehicles to logistics transport trucks, every Arquus design is imbued with meticulous attention to detail, user-centered design and a deep understanding of field requirements.

Véhicule SCARABEE sur les pistes de Satory

Arquus Scarabee

However, Arquus is not limited to traditional mobility. The company has also embraced the electric and hybrid mobility revolution, integrating innovative technologies to reduce environmental impact while delivering industry-leading performance. Sustainable mobility is at the heart of Arquus' vision, creating solutions that combine operational efficiency and environmental responsibility. The SCARABEE, produced by Arquus from its own resources, is the perfect example of a modern vehicle.

Unveiled internationally at IDEX 2021 in Abu Dhabi, the SCARABEE represents not only a mature vehicle ready for industrial production, but also a genuine technological showcase. Elements of this innovation could also be incorporated into the design of future light and medium armored vehicles, including the FAMOUS and FAMOUS2 projects, in which Arquus is the leader for mobility functions.