MARSEUS project

Presentation of the Marseus project

The MARSEUS (Modular ARchitecture Solution for EU States) consortium has responded to the EDF (European Defense Fund) 2021 call for projects entitled Beyond Line of Sight Collaborative Close Combat Architecture. The project, subsidized to the tune of 25 million euros by the European Commission, aims to consolidate, deepen and broaden beyond-line-of-sight firing capability for land combat. It is based on the Moyenne Portée Terrestre (MMP) missile, renamed "Akeron MP" by MBDA.


As part of the Marseus project, Arquus is carrying out integration studies for the MMP missile on a robotized land platform, as well as demonstrating its capabilities.
SCARABEE équipé d'un missile moyenne-portée de MBDA

SCARABEE fitted with MBDA medium-range missile

Conducted in close partnership between the French, Belgian, Swedish and Cypriot armed forces, the MARSEUS program capitalizes on the achievements of LynkEUs (a project stemming from the PEDID 2019 work program, due for completion in October 2022), and aims to consolidate a European operational concept around the TAVD (Tir au-delà de la vue directe) capability of contact combat and collaborative combat missiles, consolidated through an Effects Management vision.

It will also provide an opportunity to identify and experiment with new emerging technological solutions likely to contribute to future developments in these weapon system architectures, and will conclude with illustrations of use on different platforms. The project began in January 2023 and will run for two years.

All the industrial players in the European MARSEUS program

The consortium, which includes 14 partners and subcontractors from 11 different member states, is coordinated by MBDA France, which has asked Arquus to carry out studies as part of the project.



Since the change of brand identity - from Renault Trucks Défense to Arquus in 2018 - Arquus has gradually become a major player in ground robotics in France.

Since the launch of its innovation laboratory (Robot.Lab) dedicated to platform robotization 5 years ago, Arquus has multiplied its collaborations with robotization specialists. The best example is undoubtedly the success of the COHOMA I AND II CHALLENGES, with a 1st place in 2022 and a podium finish in 2023. This challenge, organized by Battle Lab Terre, is an opportunity for manufacturers to confront the French Army's vision of the contribution of robots to air-land operations, and the solutions that manufacturers can offer to future challenges in the field of military robotics.

first tracking demonstration in an interoperable military convoy

At the same time, Arquus is also investing in the remote operation of its systems, enabling the human supervisor to dedicate himself to high value-added tasks, such as coordinating forces, monitoring the surroundings or implementing tactical actions.

Finally, to give concrete expression to its various advances in robotics, Arquus has set up a bi-annual innovation-focused event from 2019 onwards, in which the role of robotics takes on increasing importance with each passing edition.