Mountain Troops celebrate Saint Bernard de Menthon

The Mountain Troops in the 27th Mountain Infantry Brigade are trained to carry out their missions in difficult conditions and terrain.

Renowned for their team spirit and operational abilities in extreme situations, they are sent on external operations in environments as varied as Lebanon, Macedonia or Afghanistan. They are equipped with high mobility vehicles (VHM), armoured personnel carriers (VAB) or CAESAR guns.

Saint Bernard de Menthon and a dog, 1832.

The patron saint of the Mountain Troops is Saint Bernard de Menthon. Born at the Château de Menthon on the shores of Lake Annecy, Bernard (998-1081) was a mountain dweller who looked after travellers crossing the mountains on perilous routes. To offer safe stopovers, he set up refuges along Alpine paths such as the Col du Grand Saint Bernard. His name was later given to a famous breed of mountain dog. Celebrations are organised by the Mountain Troops every year on his saint's day in Grenoble.

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