Wilson presents his 14 points to the American Congress

A few months after his country entered the war, the American President Thomas Woodrow Wilson presented a text containing 14 proposals which, he claimed, could form the basis for international relations once peace had returned.

In his fourteen points, Wilson supported the right of peoples to govern themselves, the transparency of diplomacy, freedom of travel and commerce etc... and provided for the creation of an international body, the League of Nations, tasked with monitoring compliance with these resolutions.

The 28th President of the United States, Woodrow Wilson

Created shortly after the war, the League of Nations agreement contained disarmament clauses which had a significant influence on the production of French military equipment between the wars. Initially given a cool reception, Wilson's text however formed the basis for the Treaty of Versailles and demonstrated the growing role of the United States on the international scene.


Book : Rémy Porte, Les Etats-Unis dans la grande guerre : une approche française, 2017

Video : http://www.cheminsdememoire.gouv.fr/fr/woodrow-wilson

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