VAB MK3 Arquus


The ultimate armored 6x6 vehicle

The VAB Mk3 is a family of 6x6 medium armored vehicles. A must-have vehicle, the VAB draws its excellent reputation from more than 40 years of service in the armed forces.

Exceptional load capacity

A very complete vehicle, the VAB has been proven in all theaters of operation and can perform a wide range of missions, from troop transport to fire support, supported by the latest generation systems. It also offers a very high level of performance in terms of mobility, protection and carrying capacity (men and weapons systems).

capacité d'emport VAB MK3

VAB MK3 : A versatile vehicle

Thanks to Arquus' know-how, the VAB MK3 can be fitted with a complete range of sensors and effectors from 12.7 to 90 mm, integrating state-of-the-art technologies to carry out collaborative combat missions. These latest sensors and effectors are validated and in service with the French Army.

12.7 mm : self-defense

In its APC configuration, the VAB MK3 integrates a shot-start detector, with a 12.7 mm turret (protected manual) or a Hornet® RCWS remotely operated turret with independent smoke ring.

VAB MK3 equipped with a TTO Hornet at Eurosatory 2022

From 20 to 40 mm : Assault

In the infantry combat version, the VAB MK3 carries a crew of 10 men (2+8) while guaranteeing the carriage of medium-calibre weapons systems ranging from 20 to 40 mm from the best turrets.

VAB Mk3 equipped with a medium caliber turret

90 mm : Fire support

In its fire support configuration, the payload of the VAB MK3 guarantees the carriage of large calibre 90 mm turrets such as the CSE 90 from John Cockerill.

90 mm Turret

VAB MK3 Arquus equipped with a large caliber turret

Enhanced connectivity

Based on an in-house developed technology, Battlenet® offers its customers ergonomics and advanced scalability. This solution gives Arquus vehicles a modularity that allows all types of systems integration (tactical situations, detection, communication, observation, fire function, etc.).

Other specific functions provided by Battlenet® for infantry combat include remote controlled weapon systems, from 7.62 to 30 mm, long-range observation as well as situational awareness optronic devices, including image processing like automatic movement detection, softkill systems for crew protection.