United Nations Security Council Resolution 678

The United Nations Security Council Resolution 678 authorize the use of force against Iraqi forces if they had not left Kuwait on January 15th 1991. This resolution will be implemented by a coalition of 35 countries, including France, led by the United States. On the night of January 16th to 17th, an intense campaign of air strikes began.

The French forces involved in the operations are 19,000 men and women, 60 aircraft, 130 helicopters and 15 ships. The 40 AMX-30 and 100 AMX-10RC tanks, ERC-90 Sagaie, 600 VAB and VBL built by Panhard and SAVIEM are part of the French force. This assembly of land forces is grouped in the form of a Joint Division called "Daguet".

On 23rd February, the ground phase of "Desert Storm" began. The Daguet division was at the head of the 18th US Corps, whose mission was to "envelop" the Iraqi forces by attacking widely in northern Kuwait. The advance to As-Salman airport was so rapid that it was sometimes referred to as a "wild ride".