UN sets mission of United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL)

As tensions on the Israeli-Lebanese border lead to the entry of Israeli forces into southern Lebanon on March 14, 1978, the Lebanese government appeals to the United Nations Security Council.

As of March 19, he gave UNIFIL the task of controlling the cessation of hostilities in Lebanon, restoring peace and security, and helping the Lebanese Government regain its authority (resolutions 426 and 426).

The French battalion of UNIFIL crosses Saida to reach its deployment zone in South Lebanon. An amphibious armoured vehicle (VAB) precedes a TP 3 Renault tactical truck (TRM 1200), a Hotchkiss M201 Jeep and a Berliet GBC8KT truck. (ECPAD F 82-231 L 123, Jean-Claude Coutausse)

The mandate of UNIFIL is regularly extended by new resolutions. Since 1978, France contributes to UNIFIL. In 2017, 700 French soldiers participate in Daman Operation in conjunction with 160 Finns. They are equipped with light armoured vehicles (LAV), Sisu and VAB armoured vehicles, radars and Mistral ground-to-air missiles. Main force of UNIFIL in the service of peace in South Lebanon, it is based in Dayr Kifa.


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