TRUST (Tailored Reactive User Support)

Services dedicated to the technical assistance of your fleets - Techline - Telediagnosis - On-site Intervention     

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To provide operational support to our customers throughout the life cycle of their vehicle fleet (through-life support), we offer a services pack called TRUST (“Tailored Reactive User SupporT”). It has three levels of service


TRUST Classic delivers a set of services dedicated to technical vehicle assistance comprising of the following basic services :

  • Techline & Télédiagnostic : Techline & Telediag bring our technical experts into contact with our customers’ technicians and approved workshops, in order to answer technical questions, help troubleshoot breakdowns and record any complex technical problems so that a solution can be found rapidly
  • On site support : With on site support, our technical experts go directly to the site to deal with a complex problem that the customer or approved workshop has not been able to solve
  • Fleet inspection : technical inspection service of the fleet and workshops
  • ARQUUS Elements : interactive parts ordering service available online 24/7


This has the same content as TRUST Classic, with additional in-service vehicle configuration management and maintenance optimisation services:

  •  In-service vehicle configuration management: management of the technical characteristics of vehicles throughout the term of the TRUST agreement,
  •  In-service vehicle monitoring: Vehicle use data collection and analysis, which enable predictive maintenance scheduling in order to improve fleet uptime.
  •  Maintenance Management Support (MMS): secondment of an Arquus Service Manager for two months to adapt and improve the efficiency of the customer’s workshop; use of Arquus’ computerised maintenance management system; configuration of the customer’s vehicle fleet in the management system; training of the customer in using the management system.


The TRUST Ultimate service pack includes all the services in the TRUST Classic and Premium packs. With TRUST Ultimate, the customer contracts with Arquus to manage its vehicle and equipment fleet. We deliver:

  •  Operational availability of vehicles: the customer and Arquus define an operational availability objective for the term of the agreement.
  •  Fleet maintenance: Arquus manages and carries out vehicle maintenance in either its own workshops, the customer’s workshops or those of its approved repairer network.
  •  A contractual cost per vehicle: Arquus guarantees a fixed cost per vehicle throughout the term of the TRUST Premium agreement.


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