Start of the Berliet Ténéré-Chad mission

A new direct route across 10,000 km of desert opened up in just 50 days The aim of the Berliet-Ténéré expedition, initiated by Paul Berliet, was to prove that a direct truck link was possible through the desert between North Africa and Central Africa. This carefully-prepared mission was manned by 65 people, and included a Berliet team, a scientific team, a Bell helicopter, a Cessna aircraft, a press and cinema corps and an Isofrigo refrigeration team.

The vehicle fleet consisted of nine 6x6 Berliet GBC 8 M Gazelle trucks fitted with Magic engines and five Land Rovers: three 109 Series and two 88 Series.

Each Gazelle had its own distinctive colour depending on its cargo load, which led to the expedition being called the "Desert Rainbow".

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DVD film – BERLIET “Les Tonnes de l'Audace - Mission Ténéré 1959”, filmed in 1959 - 52 min.

"Berliet provided a brilliant demonstration of the agility of its new 6x6 GBC "Gazelle" trucks which meant that Algiers University researchers could benefit from modern prospecting equipment. The expedition thus took on a scientific dimension: the study of the Ténéré region's geological, hydrological, and archeological treasures under optimum conditions."

Book: Roger Frison-Roche, Mission Ténéré, published by Arthaud, Mulhouse, 1960