The SCA (Army Commarissariat Service), Festival of Saint Martin

The function of the Army Commissariat is to provide material support to the soldiers both on national territory and on exterior operations.

Martin, a 4th century Roman soldier, became a very popular saint who is renowned for his famous act of generosity: sharing his only cloak with a pauper.

Saint Martin sharing his cloak. 16th century wooden sculpture, Germany

The Army support service, which has been in existence for seven centuries, reinforces its esprit de corps on the festival day of its Patron Saint who spent his life in the service of others. Numbering almost 26,000 staff, almost half of whom are civilians, the Army Commissariat performs an essential role at the core of the army in all circumstances. Closely linked to the operational units, it provides food, accommodation, clothing, life management, finance and administration, legal advice etc.


Book : Military Stewardship in the Land Army Commissariat, 2010

Vidéo : video about the role of the Army Commissariat
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Source photo : The Met Museum, New York