The sand cruise arrives

The sand cruise arrives

Setting off at the end of December from Dakar in Senegal, the sand cruise arrived in Egypt after crossing five African countries: Mauritania, Mali, Niger, Libya and Chad.

The project originator was inspired by the famous Citroën cruises (the Black Cruise in 1924 and the Yellow Cruise in 1932), but this time seven Saviem trucks took part in the expedition.

Militarised Saviem SM8 truck

Over a period of 12 weeks, the 12 team members had to overcome obstacles of all types: vehicles stuck in the sand, sandstorms, damage to equipment, difficulties in obtaining supplies, political tensions in the countries crossed and also tension between adventurers with strong personalities living in close quarters, who were strangers to each other at the beginning. On the road to Kufra, since there had been no rain to wash them away, they found traces of the battle fought by Leclerc in 1941, then, away from any track, traces of Rommel's Afrika Korps vehicles, and packaging dating back to 1943.


Book : Christian Galissian, Au bout de l’aventure (At the end of the adventure), Arthaud, 1994

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