Renault Trucks buys ACMAT

Following the sudden death of ACMAT's Director Paul Legueu at the end of 1998, the company went through a difficult time until it was purchased by Renault Trucks, a subsidiary of the AB Volvo group.

On 16 May 2006, ACMAT became a 100% subsidiary of the Renault Trucks group. Two new directions were defined. Firstly, adaptation to the Euro 4 standard which meant dropping the Perkins engines and renewing the range. Secondly, design of the ALTV (Acmat Light Tactical Vehicle) to meet demand for a vehicle of the same quality as the VLRA but smaller. In this way, the range was extended towards the lower end.

Acmat Light Tactical Vehicle (ALTV)

The new VLRA, the Bastion, was launched in 2008, followed by the ALTV in 2009. "Within three and a half years, turnover has multiplied by 4 and the restored financial balance is very positive", announced the Director, Moun Bourjij, in 2009. The ALTV, a high-mobility, tactical multi-role vehicle, is the first military pick-up to be made in France. By 2014, 20 countries had already placed orders and the 1000th example was sold at the end of 2014. Since 2010, the Bastion's popularity has grown rapidly, especially in French-speaking Africa, where many have seen action.


Article : From ALM to ACMAT, from 1948 to today, Charge Utile magazine, special issue no. 67

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