The Renault truck with cab over engine replaced the bonneted cab truck

In the 1930s, Renault devoted around 60% of its total production to trucks. Numerous models were designed and offered to the army, to whom Renault was a main supplier.

Army motorisation was not well anticipated and the lack of military utility vehicles was cruelly felt in the run-up to the Second World War . In particular, versatile trucks were required for all-purpose transport (TTN), adaptable to whatever they were transporting: horses, equipment, men etc.

Renault AGK 1 truck with tarpaulin for the air force photographed on 10 October 1939

Renault offered the AGK 1 with a payload of 5000 kg, which could be general purpose with tarpaulin, all-purpose (TTN) or panelled, offering a forward control cab. Initially unsure of this concept, chiefs of staff ended by being convinced of its worth: smaller turning radius, more comfortable to drive, reduced overall length, larger platform. Orders increased progressively: 260 vehicles for the land army and 180 for the air force in 1939. By the end of April 1940, 600 vehicles had been released.


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