Renault presents the AHN prototype

The entry of France into the Second World War against Germany forces the French army to place a new order for vehicles. Since 1937, Renault had been producing the Renault AGR, ordered by the army in several thousand units. Renault developed a vehicle to replace it, based on cheapness and simplicity, in response to the army.

Renault AHN, source : l’Automobile ancienne

It is thus in February 1940 that Renault submits the prototype of the AHN. This vehicle has a semi-front cab, flat and without hood. Its very simple design allows for a payload of 4 tons.

Germany having invaded France, the production will begin in March 1941 under the Wehrmacht. It is the AHN1 that will be produced, with a payload of 3.5 tons, a six-cylinder engine of four liters of displacement developing 75 hp and allowing a top speed of 59km/h. This truck will be ordered by the Vichy regime, the fleet of the latter having been requisitioned by Germany. Production of this first version ended in July 1944, with 15,610 units produced.