Presentation of the VTL RVI G 290 (Logistics Transport Vehicle)

RVI presents the G290 VTL truck to the Chief of the Land Staff (CLS). To ensure the logistics of military operations, the Army chooses this robust truck to complete its range.

RVI G 290 logistics transport vehicle during Daguet Operation
Source : ECPAD

It is a robust and very versatile vehicle. It is equipped with a Marrel Ampliroll system (hydraulic arm for transporting different types of skips or equipment). Its tray loading capacity is up to 16 tons. In 1991, during the Daguet Operation in the Gulf War, the VTL G290 provide logistics, including the supply of ammunition forward, with the TRM 10000-3 all-terrain. Repainted in the colours of the desert, they participate greatly, in their own way, in the success of the operation. After 30 years of good and loyal service, these vehicles have been gradually replaced since 2013 by the porteurs polyvalents terrestres (PPT).


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