Sherpa Light - Véhicule Tactique

"At Arquus, we are always where the action is"

Antonio Macedo is a CAD designer in the Arquus engineering department. He explains why he chose to join the company and why he would recommend a young graduate to apply today.

Can you describe your position within the company?

Antonio Macedo : Since September 2017, I have been the CAD designer for the Sherpa Light tactical vehicle at Arquus. On a daily basis, I manage the digital mock up of the Sherpa Light and its different versions. I organise the analyses, findings and validations of parts changes. I also carry out small-scale vehicle design studies, in order to guide the job functions in the changes to be made. Finally, I provide a support function to other functions in the company: for example, I determine the volumes to be respected in parts design for them, and, in the documentation, I define the cases where each vehicle component is used.

Why did you want to join Arquus?

A.M. : After working in service provider companies for about twenty years, I wanted to be part of a large French company. Especially in an industry as motivating and interesting as Defence! In the past, I had already worked for Arquus which at the time was called Renault Trucks Defense, and I had found this industry very interesting.

What makes it more interesting to it work at Arquus rather than at another company?

A.M. : If I compare Arquus to other companies in which I have been involved, here it works like an SME. This allows us to be more reactive to requests from customers, who each have their own particular needs. My work is never dull. On the contrary, I feel I am always where the action is! This is the major difference compared to the large companies I have worked for.

"At Arquus, my work is never dull. On the contrary, I feel I am always where the action is!"

Would you recommend Arquus to your acquaintances? If yes, why?

A.M. : I have already encouraged a former colleague to apply. I find that, at Arquus, operation, team building and relations with colleagues and management are very constructive, proactive and motivating. It was this mindset which encouraged me to talk about the company around me. Since I started working here, I have had only positive experiences. So go ahead, apply!

What advice would you give to a young graduate wishing to join Arquus?

A.M. : Don't hesitate to give it a try. There's a huge amount to learn from a technical point of view, both in terms of knowledge and the specifics of production. But they will also gain personal fulfilment. Here, everyone demonstrates good will, and this is really essential for progress. This is a chance for a young person to become part of Arquus.