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Study grants for orphans of military personnel

On Saturday, October 6, Arquus attended, as a sponsor, a study grant signing ceremony between French aid organizations ADO and Terre Fraternité and the orphans of military personnel.

During a ceremony in the presence of General Bosser, the Chief of Staff of the French Army, 16 orphans of military personnel were awarded grants to complete their educational studies, despite the difficulties encountered by their families during bereavement. The students are all pursuing tertiary studies, from vocational training certificates to masters’ degrees, or studying in private schools.

Recognition of sponsors

The grants enable the orphans of military personnel to complete their educational studies.

The Army Chief of Staff insisted on the importance given by the French army to the orphans of military personnel, whether they died in action or not. General Hérubel, the chief representative of the ADO, expressed his thanks in particular to the sponsors who have made the grants possible, and more especially, the Terre Fraternité association, founded and chaired by General Bernard Thorette.

The economic stakeholders present, including Arquus, were also mentioned for their much appreciated commitment to the bereaved families.

This year, the orphans who received study grants have been assigned a mentor in the person of a past recipient of the ADO grant, Wallerand Lemarie, who was thus able to complete his master’s degree in law and is currently preparing the competitive entrance examination to train as a civil servant.