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A new president at the head of Terre Fraternité

Lieutenant General Éric Margail, former army inspector, has replaced Army General Bernard Thorette as president of the Terre Fraternité association. Terre Fraternité has been committed to providing assistance to wounded servicemen since 2005.

An association supported by Arquus

Arquus supports the return of wounded servicemen to civil life, by giving them employment.

Army General (2S) Bernard Thorette, former Army Chief of Staff, founder and president of the Terre Fraternité association, handed over the presidency of the association to Lieutenant General Éric Margail, former army inspector, on 16th October 2018.

The Terre Fraternité association helps servicemen wounded in army operations to get well again and return to normal life. In partnership with other outreach organisations, such as ADO, an association for the development of army support organisations, and CABAT, which provides assistance to wounded servicemen, Terre Fraternité contributes to the physical and professional rehabilitation and retraining of combat veterans and supports the needs of bereaved families. In 2017, the association helped 500 wounded servicemen and their families in addition to 200 orphans.

A partner of the French Army, Arquus has sponsored Terre Fraternité for many years as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy. Arquus also supports the return of combat veterans to civil life, by employing them in operations within the framework of the Oméga rehabilitation project.

To cultivate a spirit of outreach and service in relation to soldiers and their families, Arquus has also set up the 1par1 association, which aims at providing bereaved families with a voluntary mentor from among the company’s work force.