innovation at the service of Defense

Organized by the DGA (French DNA), the Innovation of Defense Forum will take place from November 22nd to November 24th at the Fashion and Design Center in Paris. It will be a major showcasing event for all innovative projects and actions developed with the Ministry of the Armies.

The tele-operated Dagger: a new light armoured vehicle

ARQUUS will be contributing to the Forum by exhibiting a video on its remote-controlled Dagger’s capabilities. The remote controlled Dagger is a key tactical answer to operate in areas in which operator security cannot be guaranteed, particularly during reconnaissance or combat missions. It also enables the vehicle’s driver to take part in the action, without having to stay at his post.

This remote control system, developed by Arquus’ engineers on own equity, provides vehicle operators with new tactical field options.

Expert in the fields of high mobility, protection and systems integration, Arquus constantly invests in developing high-end technologies.

Arquus’ sustained efforts in the fields of R&D grants the company a special place in the ranks of all the Defense and Security industry companies. Arquus constantly renews and improves its ranges to keep up with all operational doctrines and needs.