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Arquus takes part in the Odyssea race with the 1par1 association

Like its recent participation in the Odyssea race, Arquus’ commitment to the 1par1 association and bereaved military families has been stepped up over the last three years.

The first edition of Odyssea

The Odyssea race was held on 7th October in Vincennes in Greater Paris. Organised to benefit breast cancer research, it provided the opportunity for 1par1 and Arquus to contribute to a major public health cause.

Founded by Arquus, the military governor of Paris and the Arquus Versailles works committee in 2015, the 1par1 association provides support to bereaved military families. Its aim is to help them overcome the ordeal of losing a loved one and enable their children to benefit from the best possible conditions for a successful education.

Since 2015, sevral Arquus employees have taken on the role of mentor, providing support to a dozen orphans throughout their academic lives. The families have regularly come together, at the initiative of 1par1, to take part in various events, such as the Odyssea race in Vincennes and La Parisienne, a foot race for women.

Both this year and next year, 1par1 will also be organising events with the support of Arquus to showcase its action and better inform the company’s employees who have regularly provided their very generous support, either directly or through their representatives (certain works committees contribute financially to 1par1’s action).

A memorable event thanks to Arquus support

Last year, the 1par1 association organised a get-together of families in Nevers. The children were delighted to be able to test the go-karts on the Magny-Cours circuit and show their talent as drivers in a memorable go-kart race.

Picture : Rachel P., Laetitia D. and Christine D., 3 mothers receiving support from the 1par1 association