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Arquus, patron of the Louis Philippe exhibition at the Palace of Versailles

Proud to be once again contributing to the promotion of France’s historical heritage, Arquus has entered into a new partnership with the Palace of Versailles, for its exhibition devoted to Louis Philippe.

A new partnership with Vesailles castle

"Arquus engages in philanthropic initiatives to protect the heritage and promote the history of France”

Arquus, the European leader of light and medium wheeled armored vehicles in the defense and security industry, is the legatee of a century of history serving the French armed forces. This prestigious past began with the celebrated FT-17 tank and its significant contribution to the Allied victory in World War I.  

As a natural progression from this important legacy, Arquus engages in philanthropic efforts to protect and promote France’s history. Today, our group is helping to showcase the country’s historical heritage by entering into a new partnership with the Palace of Versailles, on the occasion of its exhibition devoted to Louis Philippe.

From October 6, 2018 to February 3, 2019, the Palace of Versailles will hold its first major exhibition devoted to the “King of the French” and his decision to transform the former royal residence in Versailles into a museum dedicated “to all the glories of France”. Encompassing more than 200 works, the exhibition will retrace Louis Philippe’s personal involvement in the work culminating in the inauguration of the Historic Galleries on June 10, 1837.

With five production sites in France, including two (Versailles-Satory and Guyancourt) in the Yvelines region, Arquus remains committed to its philanthropic activities. Our group previously partnered with the Palace of Versailles for the 2012 exhibition on General Louis François Lejeune and the opening of the Midi Wing during France’s Heritage Days in 2013.

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