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Arquus is extending its international network of partners

Arquus, European leader in land mobility systems, is constantly developing its network of partners with a view to sustaining its growth and performance.

The Bastion on the american market

In developing this cooperation strategy, Arquus is able to optimize costs, offer increasingly innovative solutions and create a network of trusted partners, in all areas of expertise and across the globe.

Arquus has recently signed a partnership agreement with Agueris (a French SME and subsidiary of the CMI Group) to offer an innovative simulation platform for Arquus Hornet turret operators as part of the Scorpion program.

In June, our company also announced the signature of a service contract with medium-sized French company NSE, focused on the new support service solutions we have developed for our clients, and in particular the management of diagnostic kits and smart glasses stocks in France and internationally.

Arquus has also recently entered into a partnership with AM General. This major US land mobility company will offer the armored personnel carrier Bastion, under license for the US market.

In seeking new international partnerships, Arquus can develop its export positions by gaining footholds in local markets. These partnerships also give us an opportunity to combine our technology and industrial expertise with those of our partners. As a partner, our Group can leverage its advanced technologies and its command of complex industrial processes and guarantee the highest level of overall quality for products which have been tried and tested many times.

Depending on the market and on cooperation agreements, Arquus is able to provide turnkey services, from technology transfers to the co-development of new and comprehensive products.