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ARQUUS commits to Defense sports

Historical supplier of the French Army, ARQUUS partners with the National Defense Sports Center (Centre National des Sports de la Défense), and with the Federation of Defense Clubs, which aims at developing culture and sport activities within the Ministry of the Armies.

Arquus accompanies the athletes of the French army

The Center for National Defense Sports is in charge of representing France during the international military competitions. It notably selects all the athletes who take part in all competitions (bilateral competitions or World Military Games). These selections are comprised of elite athletes, who are heir to the famous Bataillon de Joinville.

ARQUUS will support these very judo and boxing military teams, throughout the 7th Military World Games, which will take place from October 18th to 27th, 2019 in Wuhan, China. The Games will take place under the signs of peace and friendship. They will gather military teams from 138 countries.

By supporting CNSD’s and FCD’s activities, Arquus wishes to contribute to the visibility of top-class sport activities within the Defence community, and to the Army-Nation links.

ARQUUS wishes to promote effort and team spirit by supporting these military sports teams.

ARQUUS’ Corporate Social Responsibility policy is built on three major pillars: Defence-related social activities, Defense think tanks, including formation and sport, and citizenship activities.