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Also to see at IDEX 2023

On top of Arquus’ own booth, Arquus products and solutions can be seen on several other points of the exhibition:

The Jaguar on Resource Industries’s booth

The Jaguar is a 6x6 combat vehicle, developed by Arquus, Nexter and Thales in the framework of the French Scorpion program. Arquus is in charge of the mobility of the Griffon and Jaguar vehicles, as well as the procurement of the remote-controlled weapon stations, as well as the logistics of parts and spare parts for these vehicles. The first Jaguar have been delivered to the French Army in 2021.

Belgium has also ordered Jaguar vehicles in the framework of the Motorized Capability program. Arquus designs and produces the complete drivelines, i.e. all the parts and components ensuring the mobility of the Griffon and Jaguar vehicles. These powertrains redefine the mobility standards of modern 6x6 armoured vehicles and offer the latest generation of off-road performance, enabling the Griffon and Jaguar to accompany the other vehicles in the Scorpion program in the best possible conditions.

Arquus can offer a wide range of drivelines, from 4x4 to 8x8.

These drivelines can allow for the complete development of new vehicles with high performance in terms of mobility and payload.


The CAESAR © on Nexter’s booth

Caesar à IDEX2023

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Arquus designs and produces the drivelines and armored cabs for Nexter’s CAESAR © SPG. Deployed on several occasions, the CAESAR © has proven over and over its mobility even on the most demanding terrains. Robust and easy to maintain, the CAESAR’s chassis is a proven solution which is currently demonstrating all its worth in Ukraine.

Arquus has also been selected to provide with the driveline for the CAESAR Mk2, the future SPG for the French Army, thus continuing a successful partnership with Nexter.

The VBCI on Nexter’s booth

VBCI sur le stand de Nexter à IDEX

VBCI sur le stand de Nexter à IDEX

Developed in partnership by Arquus and Nexter, the VBCI is the main Infantry Fighting Vehicle of the French Army. Deployed in all the recent foreign operations of the French Army, the VBCI has proven on all grounds its superior mobility, which has redefined the standards for 8x8 vehicles. Fitted with a driveline developed and produced by Arquus, the VBCI is a combat-proven vehicle, ideal for high-mobility missions and collaborative combat within a Task force combining tanks, mobile artillery and reconnaissance vehicles.

The VBL Mk3 is presented on International Golden Group (IGG)’s booth

The VBL Mk3 combines the best of the VBL Mk2, with its evolved dashboard and central tire inflation system (CTIS) and the best of the VBL Ultima: new, more powerful engine, increased speed, improved handling, reinforced suspensions and chassis, higher payload. Combat-proven on several occasions, the VBL is a vehicle of choice for reconnaissance and cavalry missions.

At IDEX 2023, the VBL Mk3 is equipped with a Hornet AKERON RCWS, combining a 12.7mm stabilized machine-gun, an AKERON launcher for anti-tank purposes, and an independent GALIX smoke grenade launcher for automatic self-protection against missiles and the heavier threats of the battlefield.

The VBL Ultima, currently in service in the French Army, on IGG’s outside booth

Resulting from a program to upgrade the VBL (Light Armoured Vehicle) in anticipation of the VBAE (Armoured Engagement Support Vehicle) program, the VBL Ultima benefits from numerous improvements. The original 95-horsepower diesel engine is being replaced by a new 130- horsepower diesel engine, allowing a speed greater than the 95 km/h of the original standard.

The upgraded VBLs also feature a new Brake Assist system and improved front and rear suspension systems to accommodate the increased payload and to improve vehicle handling. It is also equipped with a new air conditioning system to increase comfort and improve the crew’s readiness in all conditions.