Mission accomplished for the Berliet Ténéré Chad raid

During the Berliet Ténéré raid, the Berliet GBC 8 6x6 trucks known as “gazelles” proved their ruggedness, paving the way for a promising career.

Berliet wanted to make a truck especially designed for extreme desert conditions, with good resistance to temperature differences, sand and dust.

Développement du GBC 8 KT

Due to the success of the Ténéré mission, the Army was interested in the GBC 8 6x6 (B for 3 axles, 8 for 8 litre engine and 6 for 6-wheel drive) for its Saharan units. Berliet then developed the GBC 8 KT 6x6 (K for flexible fuel engine, T for tactical), a derivative of the “gazelle” with a distinctive bonnet shape by coachwork designer Philippe Charbonneaux. By 1962, the GBC 8 KT was flying the flag of the French army. In 1993, after 30 years of service, the Defense Procurement Agency decided to modernise the truck which became the GBC 180 in the Limoges production plant.

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Article : Jean François COLOMBET, Les missions BERLIET au Sahara le GBC 8, available on http://3emegroupedetransport.com/LesmissionsBerlietauSaharaGBC.htm [on-line]