Logistic Support Analysis / Documentation

Logistic Support Analysis

·       The Logistics Support Analysis is an essential activity to be carried out by our ILS pole which allows a synchronization and coherence of the work between the design office and the different departments of the after-sales department (documentation, training, etc.).

This work thus makes it possible to design a coherent support system, adapted to the system to be supported and integrated into the customer's logistics organization. The objective of the ASL is therefore to :

  • Design the system maintenance plan
  • Identify the needs in logistic resources such as equipment, tools, packaging,
  • Propose areas for improvement to optimize the global cost / availability ratio
  • Ensure consistency of ILS work through a BASL that will be the collection of LSA information and the main source of input data for the design of after-sales products (documentation, training, spare parts...)

Integrated Logistics Support (LSA/ILS)

Logistics Support Analysis (LSA), carried out in conjunction with the design and purchasing departments, ensures that the customer’s maintainability and maintenance cost optimisation requirements are taken into account during the design stage of the main system. The Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) deliverables which define the Support System are therefore consistent with each other and optimised to ensure maximum operational availability.

User, maintenance and supply manuals

Our customers are provided with user, maintenance and supply manuals so that their vehicles (or systems) can be used and maintained under the best operational conditions. Paper and PDF manuals can be supplied in addition to state-of-the-art Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals (IETM).


Implementation : technical guide

Technical guides enable the crew to fully understand your vehicle. This document is made up of a description, a user section and a crew maintenance section. It includes the safety specifications relating to vehicle usage. These are specific to each vehicle.

Implementation : Memento

The “memento” is a document intended for use by the user’s personnel. It provides a summary of the main vehicle controls and functions.

It covers how to start up the vehicle, the purpose of the main warning lights, etc. It gives an overview of everything necessary to quickly get to grips with the vehicle.

It has been designed to be pocket-sized.



This document details the operating principles for the various elements of the vehicle. It enables mechanics to understand the vehicle and ensure proper maintenance. It can be printed as a hardcopy, or otherwise provided in digital format.


The maintenance manual enables the vehicle to be repaired in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. It is intended for use in maintenance workshops. The maintenance tasks describe:

  • the level of intervention,
  • the personnel required,
  • the length of the procedure,
  • the tools,
  • the parts,
  • any necessary replacements,
  • the task process,
  • the performance procedure.

It can be printed as a hardcopy, or otherwise provided in digital format.


The technical sheet is a document that enables a technical upgrade to be made on the vehicle during its period of use.

It enables maintenance personnel to quickly upgrade the vehicle. It includes the upgrade method, along with a list of parts.

Technical sheets are specific to each vehicle.


An illustrated catalogue enables users to quickly identify any parts necessary for the vehicle. It is intended for use in maintenance workshops. It includes the following information:

  • all the necessary parts,
  • as necessary: the NATO codification, quantities, etc.
  • exploded views / illustrations of parts,
  • the specific tools required.

This can be provided as a hardcopy, in digital format or directly linked with ELEMENTS.