Innovation at the core of logistics and manufacturing

Innovation at the core of logistics and manufacturing

Additive manufacturing (AM) via 3D printing of parts, new armoring processes, optimised logistics services – at Arquus, innovation not only encompasses the design of our armored vehicles but also their operational availability, a major concern for modern armies.

Innovative manufacturing processes

Additive manufacturing (3D printing) is an up-and-coming technology, well-suited to our production rates. Our research is directed towards two areas of study to increase the operational availability of our armored vehicles:

  • Support: manage obsolescence, reduce stocks and shorten maintenance time.
  • Design optimisation: reduce weight and the number of parts.

An entirely new logistics strategy

In 2019, we will be transferring our “spare parts” business from our production sites to our future logistics platform in Garchizy. Our aim is to offer new services using our IT tools:

  • customer IS connection (eliminate order taking and shorten turnaround times), * 24/48-hour or 5-day deliveries (new order management functions),
  • parcel tracking and delivery (electronic management of delivery slips),
  • logistics for others (management of stocks for the State or other partners),
  • preparation/management of overseas engagement kits.

We are developing new armoring processes such as electro-forging and friction stir welding (FSW).