Maintenance industrielle ARQUUS


Restore the potential of components or complete equipment in mid-life or on return from operations.

Industrial maintenance is involved at the mid-point of the life cycle of military equipment or when the rate of wear and tear on equipment warrants it. The objective is to restore the potential of components or complete equipment by regenerating them through an industrial process.It also reinforces the technical mastery/control of vehicles and the treatment of obsolescence.

4 solutions of industrial maintenance

  • Deep Curative Maintenance
  • Total Renovation
  • Renovation of repairable parts or repairable replacements
  • Modernization kits

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In the service of conducting large-scale repair programs (technical mastery, technical team, design office, purchasing, logistics, quality, ...):

  • 180 VAB/year
  • 200 TRM2000/year
  • 40 VLRA/year
  • 150 GBC180/year
  • 20 TRM10000/year

A current installed capacity of more than 1000 refurbished vehicles
per year. Possibility to rapidly inscrease this capacity of the implementation of extensions to our production lines.

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