Creation of the G7 taxi company launching Renault in mass production

The creation of the "Compagnie Nationale des Automobiles de Place" by Baron Rognat is an important date in the destiny of Renault, which is chosen as supplier of its vehicles.

The Paris Taxi Company, which receives the G7 registration code from the Paris Prefecture, is launching a call for tenders to equip its car fleet. It chooses the AG1 type Renault car, 2 cylinders of 8 HP (maximum speed 45 km/h).

The Renault Type AG 1 Type Renault car of la cité de l'automobile

The 3.80 m chassis, the Landaulet coachwork (an open air part for the driver and a part sheltered by a convertible roof for the passengers) and the simple and robust mechanics, are great assets for intensive use of cars. Renault receives a first order of 250 copies in 1905, which is renewed several times. Thus in 1907, a thousand Renault cars crisscross Paris with a clientele gradually abandoning horse-drawn carriages. London also orders 1200. For Renault, it is the beginning of mass production and the industrial organization of production. The AG 1 type Renault taxi makes history on the famous taxi episode of the Marne on September 6, 1914, which further increases the reputation of the car firm.


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