Arquus presents its range of service offer Trust


Arquus presents its range of service offer Trust

TRUST CLASSIC, base of the new range of service offerings

The TRUST Classic offer is a technical support service that facilitates exchanges, provides customer proximity and ensures requests are processed speedily. It consists of access to Techline, a remote technical support service, if needed a customer site breakdown service, and an annual Technical Fleet Audit. Also included in the pack: access to the "Parts Online" webshop where the customer's up to date spare parts catalogue is available.

Techline is a dedicated telephone line for customer workshops. Techliners immediately provide solutions to simple technical problems (Level 1) and if unable to do so refer the more complex technical queries to the Arquus range technical expert by organizing a remote technical support appointment. Techline is also available to customers whose vehicles are still under warranty. The remote technical support service connects ARQUUS Technical Experts with customer technicians or authorized workshops by means of connected glasses in order to solve intermediate technical issues (Level 2). It is a question of helping to diagnose faults and noting any complex technical issues in order to find a speedy solution.

Complex problems (Level 3) that cannot be handled by remote support trigger a customer site breakdown intervention. This service includes the on-site intervention of Arquus Technical Experts in order to solve a complex technical problem not solved (Level 3) by the customer or the authorized partner repairer following a preliminary remote expert diagnosis.

The TRUST Classic Pack also includes annual technical monitoring of the customer fleet and spare part stock. A service advisor conducts an annual visit to perform a complete analysis of the condition of the customer's fleet, workshops and store. Arquus teams propose an action plan shared with the customer to maximize the technical operational availability of vehicles.

Arquus adapts to the needs of its customers by providing access to Parts Online, an interactive 24/7 online spare parts quote service that allows customers to consult their spare part catalogues, customized prices and availability.

The benefits for the customer are proximity, responsiveness, efficiency, cost optimization and improved fleet availability.

TRUST Premium, maintenance and inventory management optimized spare parts!

The trust Premium offer includes all the basic benefits of trust Classic, plus a service to optimise the maintenance and inventory management of spare parts.

Arquus provides its customers with a maintenance management tool that allows them to manage vehicle configuration, plan operations on its fleets, reserve the necessary resources and anticipate the supply needs of parts of Spares.

Arquus makes available for 2 months a service manager to adapt and improve the efficiency of the customer workshop. It will set up the Maintenance management tool and train the customer's users.

TRUST Premium also includes a service to analyze the maintenance and consumption data of spare parts in order to provide recommendations for optimization of maintenance and inventory of spare parts. This report will be carried out annually.
The benefits and advantages of this work of expertise for the customer are to prevent failures and optimize maintenance strategies.
This analysis will improve the operational technical availability through better anticipation of technical interventions and spare parts requirements.

It will also allow to size the inventory of spare parts to the fairest and reduce storage costs.

TRUST Ultimate the offer of service support of the Customer's fleet

With the TRUST range, ARQUUS benefits from a comprehensive and integrated vehicle support offering. It is a major differentiator from the competition, a real complement and support for vehicle sales, to the benefit of the operational efficiency of its customers.

The prerequisite for setting up the Trust Ultimate offer is the implementation of the 24-month TRUST Premium Offer to collect maintenance information from the customer's fleet.
After this 2 year period, ARQUUS will realize the complete fleet management which is composed of:

  • maintenance management
  • vehicle fleet management
  • fleet management
  • the technical mastery
  • the management of obsolescence
  • the management of logistics spare parts

Arquus commits to the Customer-defined Operational Technical Availability (DTO) and will set up a fleet management team sized according to the size of the fleet. Maintenance will be carried out according to the initial maintenance plan.

Technical interventions will be carried out in repair shops or by a network of approved and trained repairers, with commitments of time, cost and quality on maintenance. Arquus will rely on a highly efficient Spare Parts Supply Chain optimized for customer needs. Stocks will be dimensioned as accurately as possible in order to guarantee the delivery times and keep the objectives of DTO.

To anticipate stock-outs linked to a supplier default or at the end of production of a reference, ARQUUS will also set up an obsolescence management.

The benefits for the customer are the control of costs, the improvement of the availability of the fleet and the securing of missions.

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