Arquus, from the FT 17 to the GRIFFON

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Arquus, from the FT 17 to the GRIFFON

Arquus, a century-old company and historic supplier of French armed forces from the FT to the Griffon, has developed and maintained close working relations with military leaders, military-industrial synergy crowned with success.

One century closed to french army

This productive collaboration, which began with Panhard and Levassor and the first armored car in 1898, culminated with private industrials: the legendary figures of Marius Berliet and the WWI trucks of the Voie Sacrée, and Louis Renault, co-inventor with General Estienne of the “Victory Tank”, the FT 17.

The adventure continued with equally famous vehicles such as the B1bis Tank between the two World Wars, then the EBR in the 1950s, the AML, best weight-cost-firepower ratio of its generation, and finally the VAB, launched in 1976, and which boasts 40 years of service and 42 operational versions.

Today, the Griffon and the Jaguar, the result of close military-industrial cooperation between the Groupement Momentané d’Entreprises (temporary joint venture) and Army Headquarters, is preparing to renew the French Army vehicle fleet.

Furthermore, ARQUUS is developing integrated and innovative services which enable it to supply new generations of defense vehicles with optimal operational availability, remote diagnostics and cost-effective training based on virtual reality.

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