transport of a VAB company by the ro-ro ship Sainte-Beaume to Mogadishu

The ORYX mission took place in Somalia in support of the United Nations peacekeeping force. It took place from December 7, 1992 to April 1993. The objective was twofold: to guard food depots and monitor their distribution, but also to search for and destroy arms and ammunition depots, to gather intelligence on looting gangs and to clear traffic routes.

ECPA reporters Dominique Viola and Xavier Pellizzari made photographic reports in Somalia, respectively from 7 to 30 December 1992 and from 11 November to 15 December 1993. Their images bear witness to these operations and to the action of the French forces with the population. Credits ECPAD

Brigadier General René Delhomme commanded the 2,100 men who were detached. The French troops of Operation Oryx were placed under the operational control of American General Johnston, who was in charge of Operation Restore Hope in Somalia. Furthermore, liaison with the American high command was ensured by Rear Admiral Hubert Foillard, commander of the French naval forces in the Indian Ocean.

On 15 December, the ro-ro ship Saint-Beaume transported a company of VABs (Armoured Personnel Carriers) from the 3rd RIMa (Marine Infantry Regiment) to Mogadishu. The French troops will leave after 9 months, objectives achieved and area secured.

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