Total traction tractor competition organized by the Ministry of the Army

Before 1914, as early as 1911, the Minister of the Armed Forces organized competitions between the various French manufacturers who very soon put their know-how at the service of the army.

Thus, during the First World War, one could realize the robustness of some vehicles, such as the Renault type FU of 7 tons and EG (tractor with 4 driving and guiding wheels which was classified first in the contest of "tractors with total adherence" organized by the Ministry of War from March 2 to 24, 1914), the Berliet type CBA also called "the puncture-proof one" and manufactured in more than 25 000 specimens and the TAR of Latil.

These vehicles made the glory of the "sacred way" set up by General Doumenc to supply the front with food and ammunition, the Americans took up the idea in 1944 under the name of "Red Ball".

TAR Latil

TAR Latil, Source : Fondation Berliet

Berliet CBA

French soldiers in front of a Berliet CBA, Source: Berliet Foundation