Symposium “1918: why Victory?” at Paris’ Ecole Militaire


Symposium “1918: why Victory?” at Paris’ Ecole Militaire

On December 10th, 2018, the Institute for Advanced Studies of National Defense, the Association of Land Armament and the Union of Armor and Cavalry organized a symposium on the theme “1918: why Victory?” at Paris’ Ecole Militaire. ARQUUS was present as a sponsor.

Gathered to pay tribute to the front line soldiers’ sacrifice, the speakers did not forget to mention the great minds who organized the industry and logistics towards victory.

1918 is indeed a tribute to adaptation, planning, and creative will of high-ranking officers, as General Estienne, and industry shareholders, as Louis Renault.

The symbiosis between all political, military and industrial wills throughout the Nation enabled the development of the equipment and doctrines which ultimately granted victory.

Perfect synthesis of all expressed needs, the FT-17 is a light, highly mobile armored vehicle, cheap to produce and adapted to standardized production. Its mobility, protection and firepower, associated with innovative industrial methods, are exemplary for all current and future land programs.

The result of this symbiosis between the Army and the industry shareholders, which definitely turned the tide of war, earned the FT-17 its name: the Tank of Victory.

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