Start of an armored vehicle raid during Operation Barkhane

Operation Barkhane deploys a 3,500-strong force to combat armed terrorists in the G5 Sahel countries: Mauritania, Mali, Niger, Burkina Faso and Chad.

From 8 to 22 December 2015, Operation Gougoua, a tripartite operation (Niger-Chad-France) coordinated by G5 Sahel and Barkhane armed forces.

The purpose was to disrupt the armed terrorist group’s logistics flows. An armored vehicle raid preceded the reconnaissance and zone control phases.


On-line article : website of the French Ministry of the Armed Forces, « Barkhane: opération tripartite Gougoua »,, 27 December 2015

On-line video: Compte officiel Youtube de l'État-major des armées, « Embarquez à bord d'un raid blindé dans l'opération Barkhane », , 7 February 2012

Photo and video source: French Armed Forces Central Command, Ministry of the Defence