Our solidarity commitments

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Our solidarity commitments

Going beyond the confines of time and space is an important characteristic of the brotherhood of arms. As an historical partner of the French army for more than a century, Arquus’ constant concern for the welfare of soldiers is not limited to army operations. We are also attentive to their future of our servicemen and that of their families. Our commitment is focused on three basic areas: social action in favour of the families of injured and deceased army personnel, reflections on defense-related issues and civic engagement through the Army Reserve.

Supporting and assisting soldiers and their families

Arquus is active in associations that assist wounded soldiers, widows and orphans through sporting activities, financial contributions, social aids and psychological support.

Scholastic success at the heart of our commitment

Founded in 2015 by the Military Governor General of Paris and the works council of Arquus Versailles, the 1-by-1 association (1-par-1) offers long-term support to bereaved military families. The association provides material and moral support based on a child’s educational and personal growth.

CABAT, which provides assistance to wounded servicemen, and ADO, an association for the development of army support organisations, refers families in need of support and assistance. A sponsor is then proposed by the association, whose role is to create a regular relationship with the child, its family and its environment, with the focus on schooling, in order to identify specific needs.

Human and material support

The 1-by-1 association’s sponsors are trained to evaluate the scope and boundaries of their assistance according to each individual situation. Depending on the case, the association can thus:

  • give financial help to the child and its family,
  • pay school fees,
  • pay for private tuition,
  • set up a “higher education” savings account,
  • provide IT equipment,
  • help to find internships,
  • provide assistance with administrative, legal and career-related subjects.

Supporting stakeholders involved in social action for military families

We support, assist and finance numerous associations that provide support for servicemen and their families. We are particularly attached to initiatives aimed at assisting wounded soldiers or the families of missing servicemen.

Wounded Servicemen & Sport Events

Each year since 2012, the Wounded Servicemen and Sporting Events programme has brought together some fifty wounded soldiers from the French army, navy and air force to participate in sporting events. With the help of sports coaches and specialised health personnel, servicemen can discover activities that correspond to their state of health and exchange with other soldiers in the same situation.

Terre Fraternité Association

Founded in 2005 by Army General Bernard Thorette, former Chief of Staff for the armed forces, Terre Fraternité provides support for wounded servicemen and their families and the families of soldiers who died in service.

Association des œuvres d'entraide (ADO)

Founded in 1939, ADO, an association for the development of army support organisations, offers financial assistance to servicemen and civil defense employees, whether active, reserve or retired. It develops outreach actions for widows and orphans, the elderly and disabled and people in problematic situations.

Rebuilding a sense of self with sailing

The Rebuilding a Sense of Self with Sailing Association (La Voile pour se reconstruire) organises on-board activities and sailing trips for wounded servicemen and their spouses.

Pure Joy

Pure Joy (Rien que du bonheur) is an association that supports physically and psychologically wounded soldiers through the practice of outdoor sporting activities, the educating of young people and the promotion of sustainable development.

Driving reflection on Defense issues

Tomorrow’s victory is today’s practice

From World War I to operation Barkhane in the Mali desert, we have been supporting the French army for more than a century. Our vehicles have known every conflict and every battlefield. But our inspiration does not stop there. As a partner of the French army, it is our responsibility to reflect with them on the strategic topics and issues that are already shaping future defense policy – because “tomorrow’s victory is today’s practice”.

Chair of Defense Economics created at IHEDN

In 2014, along with three other sponsors, Arquus founded the IHEDN endowment fund’s Chair of Defense Economics. IHEDN is France’s institute of advanced studies in national defense. Arquus is a member of both the steering committee and the scientific committee of the Chair, which has several objectives:

  • identify defense economics researchers on a national and international level,
  • disseminate knowledge and encourage exchanges among disciplines and between the academic and professional sectors,
  • contribute to the production of academic papers on defense economics through articles written by the Chair’s researchers.

The Chair’s research is disseminated in the form of papers, working documents, lectures and presentations in various training programmes.

As a sponsor of the endowment fund, Arquus promotes the enrolment of its own managerial staff in the IHEDN’s national, regional and technical training programmes.

Partnership with the IFRI

Arquus finances research studies at the LRD defense research laboratory run by the IFRI (French institute of international relations) and sits on the steering committee which determines research topics.

Partnership with the Warfare School

We are also a partner of the French Warfare School. Some of our employees - our engineers, for example - are free to attend the school as auditors. We encourage them in this respect in order to inspire the culture and spirit of Defense in our management and high-potential staff.

Préserver notre patrimoine national

Arquus est partenaire avec le musée de l’Armée et le musée des blindés de Saumur pour soutenir ses actions en faveur du patrimoine.

Le musée de l’Armée, placé sous la tutelle du ministère des Armées, a pour mission d’apporter à ses visiteurs une meilleure connaissance de l’histoire militaire de la France.

Partenariat avec la fondation Saint-Cyr

Née en 2006, la Fondation Saint-Cyr a pour but de valoriser la recherche de la Défense et favoriser le rayonnement des armées via un partenariat entre les entreprises et les acteurs de la vie civile.

Encouraging civil engagement through the army reserve

Expression of our solidarity with the military community

In June 2016, Arquus signed an army reserve agreement with the Ministry of Defense. In practical terms, we offer our employees the possibility of spending two weeks a year in the army reserve (the legal duration is 5 days) without forfeiting holiday leave while receiving their normal salary during that period.

For Arquus, this civil engagement is both a contribution to the nation’s effort in the face of security and defense problems and an illustration of our solidarity with the military community.

"My involvement in the Réserve (French national Guard) is beneficial for the company, since I provide with all know-how and levels of requirement I have learnt from the Army. Reporting, asking for a job well done, leading a team, being part of it. It also grants me knowledge on our vehicles’ end users: the soldiers."

C., engineer in training at Arquus and lance-corporal at the Régiment d’Infanterie Chars de Marine de Poitiers (Marine Infantry Tanks Regiment)

A win-win system

At Arquus, we are convinced that having reservists in our Group is a profitable initiative for all parties involved.

  • We can thus contribute - within the limits of our resources - to strengthening the armed forces (protection of national territory and overseas military operations) and security (patrols, emergencies, etc.) in a tense security context.
  • For our employees who join the reserve, it is a unique chance to acquire new skills and, for many, to accomplish a particularly rewarding civic engagement.