"The welding requires dexterity"

Baptiste Guillaumin explains his vision of welding, highlighted by subtlety and precision.

How long have you been a welder?


Baptiste Guillaumin  :  For 5 years and 8 months, if you count the training



How do you see your initial training reflected in your work as a welder?


Baptiste Guillaumin : From the outset, I come from a background in the Fine Arts. What I find interesting with both welding and the Fine Arts is that you produce a lot of drawings and photographs, but the association is based more around dexterity, both when welding and when drawing on a piece of paper.

There are common activities. There is a performance aspect, wherein while welding you can find yourself in positions that place your body under physical stress, which is also to be found in artistic media.




Why did you choose ARQUUS?


Baptiste Guillaumin : I started working here because the role requires dexterity and quality. I found that it was an effective gateway between the world of Fine Arts and ARQUUS, who manufacture military vehicles.




Which aspects of your experience at ARQUUS do you find satisfying?


Baptiste Guillaumin : An interesting question, because in my personal project I am working largely on theatre drapes. At ARQUUS, our focus is on everything to do with fabrication; how to build an armoured vehicle, how to assemble a vehicle for other users who will be using it and which will be seen everywhere, on television.




Are you happy in your work?


Baptiste Guillaumin : I'm happy to be a part of it, to be part of the team, to share knowledge with other people, with welders who have a variety of experience. It's a never-ending learning curve.

Baptiste Guillaumin, 26, welder at ARQUUS